Effective August 31, 2013, BLS is introducing an online Order Form. It is mandatory for all new applicants to fill the online order form, whether applying by postal mail or submitting application in person.

This form allows BLS International to provide real time tracking of your application and indicates your mode of payment and return shipping choices. A copy of this form MUST be included with the application at the time of submission to BLS.  All applicants are requested to obtain a printout of the filled order form (after filling the Order Form online) and attach the same with the Application.

Note: All new applications without the copy of the order form attached will NOT be accepted by BLS.

Applicants who have already applied by mail before August 31, 2013,OR have booked an appointment before August 31, 2013 (irrespective of the actual appointment date) are not required to fill the order form and BLS will process their applications.

Important instructions on how to use the online BLS Order Form - Please read carefully and follow the exact instructions:

arrow The order form is mandatory for all new applications.

arrow The link to fill the order form is given under the ‘How to Apply’ section.

arrow Tracking number generated after you save the order form is a single unique tracking number (12 digit numeric ID), using which you can track the complete status of your application.

arrow The Appointment Booking (for walk-in applicants) and Fee Calculator are integrated along with the order form.

arrow Appointment Booking is mandatory for all walk-in applicants.

arrow Copy of the order form with the tracking number and its barcode is e-mailed to you as soon you save the order form.

arrow For walk-in applicants, a separate appointment confirmation email is also mailed to you.

arrow For walk-in applicants, you MUST bring the copy of the filled order form and the copy of the appointment confirmation slip, along with the passport and other required documents.
Note: Applications without the copy of the order form will not be accepted by BLS!

arrow For postal applications (only), a shipping label (with the tracking number and barcode) is mailed to you along with the copy of the filled order form.

arrow For postal applicants, you MUST enclose the copy of the order form inside the postal package. You also MUST paste the shipping label on the (outside) front of the postal package.
Note:Postal Applications without the copy of the order form enclosed and shipping label pasted on the front will not be accepted by BLS!

arrow In case you forget to print the order form (all applications) and shipping label (postal applications only) OR have not received the email, you can re-print both the order form and shipping label from the ‘Reprint Order Form / Shipping Label’ link given under the ‘Updates and Notices’ section on the home page.

arrow Make sure you enter the correct ‘Waybill Number’ of return envelope in the order form, if you are opting for prepaid delivery.
    Note: For postal applications, you MUST include the prepaid envelope with ‘Waybill / Tracking Number’.

arrow Visa applicants must enter the Web-Reference Number in the order form, which you see on top of the printed visa application form after you fill and save the online Indian visa application form. This link is also provided under the ‘How to Apply’ section. Essentially, this means you have to first fill and save the online Indian visa application form AND THEN fill the BLS order form.

arrow Visa/PIO/OCI applications for which renunciation service is also applicable, check the ‘Require Renunciation?’ checkbox in the order form, choose the appropriate renunciation service, read the ‘Penalty Clause’ and then calculate the total fees which you have to pay. For such applications, the total fee would include a) VISA/PIO/OCI fees with BLS service fees ($4.7), b) Renunciation fees with BLS service fees ($4.7), and c) Penalty Fee (if applicable). Separate Renunciation Order Form is not required to be filled for such cases.

arrow Renunciation service order form is only required to be filled for stand-alone renunciation applications.


BLS International cannot guarantee the outcome of any application, or time within which the outcome may be achieved. All applications are adjudicated by the Consulates General of India and BLS International has no role to play in the decision or the type / term of Visa granted. The Visa Officer reserves the right to call an applicant for a personal interview or ask for additional documents or additional details which must be provided by the Applicant on the receipt of information to do so.

Note for Postal Applications: All applicants are requested to carefully study the requirements and documents required section to be able to attach all relevant documents with their application/s. BLS International accepts no responsibility for applications submitted with incomplete / incorrect documents. All applications received with incomplete / incorrect documents shall be held in pending stage while all possible attempts are made to contact the applicant for a period of up to 2 weeks. At the end of the period, the applications which are still missing any stipulated requirements shall be sent back to the Applicant at the address provided through the shipping method chosen accompanied with a documentary checklist and the refund of the fee paid with the Application less BLS service charge. Where there is no return shipping label sent with the Application, the additional cost of a shipping label procured by the BLS office shall be deducted.